ßliitz (bliitz) wrote in lovingirls,



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aww you're cute! and WOOT for ac/dc! XD
thanks for coming back..i have to think of something to KEEP this thing alive hehehe
thankx..i didnt leave willingly..i had personal issues goin on but im here so ill post often ;p
aww *hugs* well welcome back! :) glad to have you back! hehe
aww well thank you sweety ;p
any ideas on how to keep everyone awake and keep this thing going? lol.
I was thinking a contest but i donno what..trying to be original here.. helP?
mmmmm try a contest...mmm like a creative one..with pix...or like themes..they seem to work...im guessin here..
hehe yeh i know... *sigh* i am still a lil stuck
anyways i'm off on hols tonite for 3 weeks! YIKES.. hope this clan does okay...
make sure it does for me? *mwah* <3
maybe try a pic contest like..have member post an interesting pic or girls n shit..but have like a theme..like lips..and eyes..and like breasts but not with the nipples n all showing...ya know...
and yea ill make sure they are ok..lol
have fun muah!
u are really cute :) Glad u are here :)
awwh thankx..;p
is that a thong i see? and you're very sexy... *wiggles eyebrows* ;)
ty...lol yea it is a thong..my pants were low rise so it showed just a lil..that bad?