Battered Princess (gothdemoness) wrote in lovingirls,
Battered Princess


i will not have internet for a while,
cass i miss ya and ur doing a great job
i finally fixed it so now u can change backgrounds and etc,
journal looks great
love u all!
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I'll miss you a lot babe :(
thanks...i couldn't give up on a cumminity my wife started, no way! i love the girlies!
come back soon!! :(

okay, i changed the userinfo a tad, thanks for making me a mod! <3<3
i miss you more!!!
aw,yes we will be wifeys forever!!!!

do whatever you want to it,i trust ur taste!
aww you trust my taste? yeay! so do you like it? and the new icon? if can change it, go ahead!
yes!!!! WIFEYS FOREVER! *sniff* *hugs*

i like your new layout