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ok I have something to say. Yes I am obssesed with Britney Spears but people have been doggin on her so much lately!! All I have to say is I am glad I am not famous. She recently got engaged and is on a big break from everything. She is relaxing and having fun. Well while she is out having a good time, people call her fat and ugly cause she doesn't look like she came out of a magazine. I think that is such crap!!! I mean I go out all the time to the store or whatever, and I don't feel like wearing makeup or dressing up all the time. I mean the girl is human. And calling her fat?? PLEASE!!! The girl has amazing curves! I mean that is half the reason I love women...curves are great right girls? Do u agree with the way they are treating her along with other celebrities? Do u feel women need to dress up for everything? What about celebrities. I for one think that women are beautiful the way that they are! But let me know what u think. We got to get this community running so talk about anything!!!
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