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The New Girl (important parts bolded) And of community

1.Richards hot sister is coming to town tonight. She's14 going on 15 and i'm 15 soon to be 16 but somehow we're in the same school grade...WTF? Oh well, not important.i get to meet her tomorrow. With luck she'll like me and not be dissapointed and i'll have a girlfriend or something. I feel all nervous and scared and stuff. Posting cause i'm fishing for reassurance. So, anyone out there got anything to help me stop stressing? Advice on how to make a good impression?

2.And another issue: what to post and what not to post. all these rules are confusing and restraining, i don't know what i can or can't post anymore without getting members flaming at me. *teardrop*

If we can't post "personal" things, then what can we post about?

And long posts are boring, so mabey we should all break it up and stuff...you know, just a bit.

Because spaces are good.

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