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[02 May 2005|11:28pm]

I was told that gays were wrong today,and i would go to hell.
Its just really motivating to go to church.
I hate people who think in the box.

God loves me for who I am,even if that means im bisexual.

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The New Girl (important parts bolded) And of community [02 Apr 2005|03:08pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

1.Richards hot sister is coming to town tonight. She's14 going on 15 and i'm 15 soon to be 16 but somehow we're in the same school grade...WTF? Oh well, not important.i get to meet her tomorrow. With luck she'll like me and not be dissapointed and i'll have a girlfriend or something. I feel all nervous and scared and stuff. Posting cause i'm fishing for reassurance. So, anyone out there got anything to help me stop stressing? Advice on how to make a good impression?

2.And another issue: what to post and what not to post. all these rules are confusing and restraining, i don't know what i can or can't post anymore without getting members flaming at me. *teardrop*

If we can't post "personal" things, then what can we post about?

And long posts are boring, so mabey we should all break it up and stuff...you know, just a bit.

Because spaces are good.

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Help, musically [06 Mar 2005|03:00pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I've been listening to the song Driftwood by Cursive, and i want to enter the music appreciation next year with it, but i can find the guitar chords anywhere on the computer, nor the notes for the violin peice. If any of you ladies out there have mad muzic and/or computer skills and can find them then i'll love you forever.

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well girls [26 Jan 2005|11:17pm]


Its time to get this place alive girls!


Now come on really,this is a great community and could be so kicc atse..


so lets start this up again ladies....comeon!


here are some picturs to get ya motivated:

click for some ladiesCollapse )


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X_X stressed [25 Jan 2005|09:31pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

on a crazy leap of faith i asked my friend out. im a coward so i wrote it in a note and pushed it into her hand innocently as she was leaving jazz choir then scampered off to the car. The plan was to get her answer through messenger and save the possible embarrassment of rejection in person, but i was called on for babysitting and had to call her up saying i'd be late onto the computer. So im going to call her up, and tell her to add me to messenger or email me or something. If i can find my voice. I been stressing ALL day about what she'll say. Wish me luck!

x-posted like the shiz. im sorry if i befuddle your friends list. o_o;

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sorry [21 Oct 2004|12:02am]

well the computer is working now

I feel odd though
no one really knows who I am,since my comp was broken so long

but anyway I really have no clue what to say

the community looks really really awesome :)
thanks to a certain someone!!!!

well ta
ze olde mod

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Newbie. [18 Sep 2004|08:57pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

Hey there,
I'm new. *Curtseys*

And I must say, what a fabulous idea for a community.

I thought, for my first post, I'd just post a few pics of my faves...

I love girls.Collapse )

'Tis good to be here.


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me.. [11 Sep 2004|05:38am]


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[18 Aug 2004|01:26pm]

[ mood | curious ]

i was just going through my pictures and i came across a couple interesting ones..

i don't actually remember this very muchCollapse )

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home sweet home [17 Aug 2004|03:22pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

I'M BACK!!!!
It's good to be back, i missed this community a lot more than i thought! I had an pretty good vacation..The time i had in England was better than in Tunisa but nevermind, both were good!
i went to my friend's place yesterday and we watched "The L word" Anyone heard of it? It's like Queer as Folk (which we watched too :p) but not gay men, lesbians. *Melts* Oh shit i was horny yesterday! tehehe.

Congradulations Katie! I'm so excited for you! ^.^ *hugs*

*mwah*Collapse )

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Cross Posted Everywhere!! [02 Aug 2004|01:28pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello everyone...

I have started planning my and Jenny's wedding and have sooo many ideas. Here are a few...

StuffCollapse )

I have also set up a donation through paypal for the wedding ceremony itself. We are college kids and Jenny thought it would not hurt to set something like that up. That way if anyone wants to contribute they can, and if your guests did that then they would not have to even bring a gift or anything else...that would mean the world to us. Anyway, you can also check out our Wedding Site.

Anyone else planning a wedding???

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*waves* [31 Jul 2004|09:06am]

[ mood | predatory ]

bye bye, my pets... i am being going to camp,aka how many people(officers) can i piss of at this place?

you'll all miss me...or else! *shiftey eyes*

x-posted liek the shiz

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[23 Jul 2004|07:44pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Two things -

Welcome to our newest member porkchopnoodles :D she's cute and bi..WOOT. lol
I'm going away tonite to Tunisia and England for 3 weeks total. So i don't think i'll be able to go on the internet that much, i will try of course but i WILL be gone for a long while!
Try keep this thing alive and promote a bit eh? Not an order lol, i don't usually give them tehehe. YOU ALL TAKE CARE NOW!!!!!!! <3<3

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hmm [21 Jul 2004|04:57am]

[ mood | awake ]

hello im nu.
cass asked me to join.
so i am here... i joined :D
nice to meet you all.

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meep [19 Jul 2004|04:16pm]

Okay..well i changed the userinfo a bit - i just added a small banner. If anyone's bored of it or doesn't like it just tell me okay?
I also changed our default icon - same thing. If you dun like it tell me :)

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.... [18 Jul 2004|02:37am]



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ok [17 Jul 2004|01:32pm]

i will not have internet for a while,
cass i miss ya and ur doing a great job
i finally fixed it so now u can change backgrounds and etc,
journal looks great
love u all!

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we still love you britney! [15 Jul 2004|10:56am]

[ mood | excited ]

Read more...Collapse )

SECOND: Welcome to our newest member - Katie! Thanks for joining us Katie!


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I Less Than 3 The Ladies [14 Jul 2004|12:22pm]

[ mood | loved ]

Hi everyone...

I stumbled upon the community via another community I am a part of. I like girls...in other words I suppose that would classify me as a...*looks around* lesbian. My name is Katie, and I am 21. Umm...I am engaged. There are pics at the bottom of my post..well behind the cut anyway. I am a Natalie Portman fan, as well as Keira Knightley. They are both motha motha HOT!! What else? I guess if you want to know more about me just ask...or hit me up on AIM at shsuwolfkat. Thanks!

Pictures...Collapse )

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ok.. [14 Jul 2004|01:31am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

ok I have something to say. Yes I am obssesed with Britney Spears but people have been doggin on her so much lately!! All I have to say is I am glad I am not famous. She recently got engaged and is on a big break from everything. She is relaxing and having fun. Well while she is out having a good time, people call her fat and ugly cause she doesn't look like she came out of a magazine. I think that is such crap!!! I mean I go out all the time to the store or whatever, and I don't feel like wearing makeup or dressing up all the time. I mean the girl is human. And calling her fat?? PLEASE!!! The girl has amazing curves! I mean that is half the reason I love women...curves are great right girls? Do u agree with the way they are treating her along with other celebrities? Do u feel women need to dress up for everything? What about celebrities. I for one think that women are beautiful the way that they are! But let me know what u think. We got to get this community running so talk about anything!!!

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